Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Things You Need to Know About Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring

We all dream of making our home or office floorings beautiful and elegant. But beauty doesn’t come at free of cost, it pours our pockets much than we expect. Every person think that colour of walls grabs attention and adds beauty, it’s a common thought that usually comes to our mind, when we think of decorating home and properties.

But wait have you thought of the floorings?

Nowadays impressive wall colours, curtains, interiors and expensive household things are very much common. We have to do something extra ordinary and out of the track from others to add a fresh look to your home and offices. And the thing is flooring, it’s a crucial thing that we usually forget or ignore while planning our interior decoration. Focusing on floors is an unique idea that makes us different from others as it shows our royalty and status in society. Engineered timber flooring is an ultimate solution for this.

How Engineered Timber Floorings will be benefited

If you are planning to renovate or decorate your flooring and want a fresh look for your home, then we need a wide variety of options available. Apart from these, engineered timber or wood flooring is one of the best option to be opted. The following reasons to be known before choosing it for your home and commercial use.

Cost Involved to Set-Up

We all step backward when it comes to floor decoration because of cost involved. The main advantage to installing engineered timber flooring is the cost, as it is less expensive and more economical than other flooring options available. Moreover, it gives real looks of wood and anyone can hardly guess that it is custom made.

Hassle Free Installation

Is it DIY? (Do It Yourself), this question always strikes our mind, but the scenario in the case of engineered timber flooring is far different from others. It is designed is such a way so that it can be easily installed and fitted by inexperienced person without any troubles and difficulties. It is easily available in wide variety of sizes that helpful for DIY. Hence the solution is, your hard earned money is saved in purchasing cost as well as man power required for installation.

Stability and Durability

We know that it is less expensive, and then the question strikes about the durability and stability. Due to its custom design and made with multiple layers, it is more long lasting and will not have any impact to weather changes or moisture present in air. It will be same for many years without any change or deformation.

Healthy and Hygienic

Health is the most major issue because unhygienic timbers can make us sick. But engineered timbers are made in such a way that it naturally resist the growth of bacteria. Unpleasant odour smell is very much annoying, apart from resisting harmful germs, it also gives fresh smell and stops bad odours.

Maintenance and Repair

Engineered Timer floors are easy to clean. The one who is cleaning it can clean without any hassle and difficulty, as its surface is very smooth and less prone to dust. Apart from cleaning, repairing also not a tough job as it can be repaired without any experts.

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